Our Story

We are The glass artists. We bring you the quirky stuff

How it all began

Fed up with the rat race, I looked into my hobbies. having done quite few I settled on glass. A beautiful medium that can achieve beautiful results..  The  idea was to come up with designs not on the high street at an affordable prices.

How we’ve grown

Starting with just one products; glass beads, we have gone further to making chandeliers, vases , plates, jewelry and more. We have also integrated ceramics to add an elegant and yet unusual touch to our products. We are very keen on recycling and we use all sorts of discarded glass  to produce our beautiful products; from empty glass bottles, to broken windows and traffic light, we though we can do our bit to the environment.

Where we want to be

The question should be:  where we were and how far have we gone. We do admit that the road was bumpy but we overcame it and learned a lot from it. In the so ever changing business environment, we believe that being online doesn’t just give us the visibility but it also provides customer with higher quality products and excellent value for their money by cutting the cost of being on the high street or on the major e commerce platforms such as eBay or ETSY or not on the high street where a large chunk of our takings is paid in commission. By ditching all these, we can now invest that money in providing not only a better service but also high quality products knowing that we will get the credit and not these e-commerce platforms. We are also always on the lookout for new ideas to provide you with something unique, personal and beautiful experience.

happy shopping