How we do it

We are often asked; how can we melt a bottle down without breaking it, or how come the label is not burned 🙂

Well, we got it all under control. Experience and technology make things happen and it’s beautiful when both work alongside.

How we do our bottle clocks:

We source our empty bottles locally. With most labels, water is a great method to use to remove the labels. Once the bottle are neat and dry, it’s time to place them in the kiln.

Melted bottles

Our kiln is controlled by a programmer, which controls the phases and the temperature which varies depending on the project.

We tend to leave the bottles in the kiln for around 20 hours to cool down to room temperature.


We then remove the melted bottles from the kiln and leave them on the side for another hour or so to adapt to room temperature before drilling holes on the bottles to enable us to fit in a clock mechanism.

The melted and drilled bottles are then washed and left to dry. Once dry it’s time to glue the original label back on and leave the bottles to dry again.

Final bit is to fit the clock mechanism and the hands and voila.  Our wall of clocks;

bottle clock wall

If you would like further information why not drop us a line?